Cinema Room – LW-C0006-D0001

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Space Details

This is a demonstration cinema room for our Brand Partner Barco. The room is 4.8m long, 4.7m wide and 2.7m tall. The existing space was models from existing photographs and plans before a refit to incorporate new equipment and Light Walls panels.

Design Details

Design 0001 is a contemporary style simple panel system wall mounted in a range of sizes. The panels are mounted onto the panelled walls creating dramatic effects. Design 0001 features a single angled light path of Dynamic RGBW LED within each panel.

The wall finishes are:

  • American white oak flat panels
  • Charcoal Grey acoustic fabric Panels
  • Light Walls panels – 3D Light Fabric in black 100mm deep

The ceiling finishes are:

  • Matt black grid ceiling tiles

The floor finishes are:

  • Charcoal grey Berber carpet tiles
Featured Partners
Barco Residential – Multiple Barco Projectors
Display Technologies – Dynamic 2s Projection screen – 4000mm 2.37:1 Aspect
Light Walls – 3D Light Fabric

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