Cinema Room – LW-C0002-D0001

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Canvas Details
Ultimate full Immersive Cinema wrap walls and ceiling. Acoustic fabric panels for speaker placement wrapping up walls and across ceiling. Rear wall to have centrally located door. Front wall full projection screen. Dimensions – 7m x 5m x 2.75m

Design Details

The walls and ceiling finishes are:

  • Immersive Cinema Dynamic Light system 1200mm wide to walls and ceiling tracking the rake of the seating platform
  • 300mm wide hoops of Camira Fabric – Synergy – Sleek up walls and over ceiling
  • Rear wall Camira Fabric – Synergy panels
  • Light Walls Dynamic Light walls and ceiling
  • LED nose step lights warm white

Hardware and accents are:

  • Satin Aluminium details

Featured Partners
Barco Residential –  Loki Cinema Scope Projector
Display Technologies – Frontier 4.5m 1.78:1 aspect, PH2 Projection Port
Light Walls – Immersive Cinema

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