VR Presentation

The optional VR Presentation can be added to any paid Visualisation service and delivers a deeply immersive view of the space. The VR Presentation conveys the spatial relationships within a space in a manner that is unmatched by any other presentation style.

Each VR is rendered with full 360 degree detail of all walls and ceilings with reference to one central viewing position within the room. Hyperlinks embedded into the VR can be used to highlight special features or products or as a way to create a seamless walk-through of several spaces within the same project. To include additional viewing locations for a walk-through experience – linking rooms, simply increase the number of VR Presentations added to the cart whilst ordering.

The VR files can include personalised watermarks such as a logo or project name and can be hosted online for ease of access from multiple systems.

VR is one of the most incredible ways to present any design. The sense of being present within the space enables the viewer to get a complete understanding of the design that is unmatched by other form of visualisation.